LACOMBA Produccions S.L.U.

toca'm | tócame | touch me


mou-me | muéveme | move me


  • design

    all walks of graphic and corporate design

  • publishing

    layout, editing, and paper and/or digital publications

  • advertising & marketing

    campaign development and media management: billboards, the press, TV adverts, seo, sem ...

  • hosting

    cloud hosting, cdn, vps, dedicated hosting, high-performance solutions, streaming, anti-spam ...

  • website

    analysis, programming, development, php, mysql, jquery, css, xslt, html5 ...

  • phones & tablets

    iphone applications, ipad, android, blackberry

  • social

    community managers, social agents, twitter, facebook, youtube ...

  • photography

    photo retouching, reportage, architecture, landscapes, portraits, fashion ...

  • art

    creation and management of self-produced art projects


To go that extra mile in the service we offer. First and foremost we are artists, designers, programmers, editors, copywriters, translators and proofreaders. We are all creatives and authors or artists in our own right, but we understand the importance of teamwork. We like to have our colleagues' approval but our main aim is to satisfy our clients by coming up with the solution they require.

We have every respect for clients who are unaware what a pantone palette or typography is; those who do not know what a corporate manual or database is for; those who cannot configure an email account; those who have no idea what an IMAP set up or FTP client is; those unsure how to set about drafting a description of their company’s services; those who make spelling mistakes; those who cannot distinguish between jpg, pdf, png, gif or tif; those who confuse Google search with a browser and/or simply do not know what a browser is; those who choose to get the message across mainly in Spanish, English, Catalan, Chinese or any other language; those who are red, green, blue, black or white; those who resort to the typical cliché when dreaming up a brand or slogan to define their business; those who wonder what a scrollbar (or slider) is or what it means to upload and download files; and even those who have a limited budget or a substantial one but are not sure how to spend it.

Although it is normally our job to come up with the ideas, we also value clients who know what they want; those keen to pursue a certain project or idea; those who are all too happy to be advised; the fearless, the risk-taker or the cautiously constant; those who like to be actively involved in the creative process; and those who regard us as freaks, aliens or whatever else but still acknowledge that we are hard-working professionals dedicating our full expertise to meeting their goal...(and that naturally we still need a little time to eat, rest, sleep and even have a bit of fun).

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